ICEDRIVE Review: Best, secured and affordable cloud storage

Icedrive is the newest kid on the block in the cloud storage industry. With modern technology, security features and multiple features that take the ease of use to the next level, Icedrive seems very promising. Like many other services, it offers a free plan along with multiple paid plans. Although in today’s standards, the 10GB space offered in the free plan is not enough for most of us, it’s not very less either. The paid plans are also very affordable and will be useful for heavy users.

Icedrive Key Features

  • They claim to be the only service to use the ultra-secure Two Fish encryption algorithm
  • Provides zero-knowledge, 256-bit encryption, which means ONLY YOU can decrypt it with your password
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • You can access files on Icedrive even offline!
  • Auto-upload of photos from your mobile
  • View your documents with a built-in document viewer
  • Enjoy your audio and video files with the built-in music player
  • Blazing fast upload
  • Intuitive user interface for easy upload of your files
  • Native drive for Windows PC! (You can use Icedrive just like a physical drive in Windows PC)
  • Version histories to track all the changes made to the file and retrieve older versions
  • Public links to share files
  • Private share
  • Share time-out (ability to share files only for a certain period)
  • Password protection for shared files

Icedrive mobile app screenshot

Icedrive Windows Virtual Drive

One of the cool features of Icedrive is the ‘Portable App’, which you can download and carry around in your flashdrives (pen drives) and use it on any device. If you make changes to any of the files in Icedrive, then that will be detected and updated in your Icedrive account and also version history is saved! Isn’t it cool?

Icedrive Plans

Icedrive Free Plan

Icedrive has a FREE plan that gives 10GB of storage and all the apps – web app, Windows app, Linux and mobile apps. However, you don’t get the top-notch encryption for the free plan.

Icedrive Paid Plans

Icedrive paid plans are of 3 types – monthly, yearly and LIFETIME.

While monthly plans start from $4.99 / month for 1TB storage, the cheapest yearly plan is $49.99. However, for those who can afford a one-time payment, the best value is in purchasing the LIFETIME plan where you pay just $59 for 150GB, $149 for 1TB and $499 for 5TB for lifetime* and never pay again!

*Note: Lifetime here means the lifetime of the product, i.e until Icedrive is in business, and NOT YOUR lifetime.

Blunt Review

Blunt Rating

To be honest and blunt, Icedrive is the first cloud storage solution with so many unique features like Two Fish algorithm encryption, virtual drive for windows (Even Google Drive app is a mess), super-fast upload, both public and private sharing links, password protection for links, mobile apps (some services have either only web app or desktop app). Half star deducted for bugs in mobile apps and Windows app, and customer support.

As an icing on the cake, they even offer a lifetime plan where we can make a one-time payment and use the secure, encrypted storage forever.

Even if you buy a physical hard disk of 5TB capacity, it costs about $100. And if it suddenly gets corrupted, all your data is gone. Advantage of cloud storage is that you don’t have to worry about these things as they will have multiple backups and you can access data from anywhere, from any device, any time!

HEADS UP! The Lifetime plan, which costs $749 is currently being offered for ONLY $499. Hurry up and grab it.